The day before, a large rattlesnake, attracted by the genial warmth near the stove, had, without waiting for invitation, or being assured of a welcome, crawled in through a huge crack, and stretched out his three feet of length. With a scream or two on the part of the lady, and some dexterous and telling … Continue reading Rattlesnakes

Book Review: The Sister Wife by Diane Noble

  The Sister Wife by Diane Noble Publisher: Avon Inspire Pub. Date: June 22, 2010 ISBN-13: 978-0061962226 Retail: $12.99 Pages: 352               What if the man you loved told you God wanted him to take another wife? What if that woman was your best friend? Set in the heart … Continue reading Book Review: The Sister Wife by Diane Noble

Smithy Part 2

See, I went and got distracted when I wrote my last post. I completely forgot to add my thoughts as to why the windows were so low. After searching through the Internet for other pictures of blacksmiths I realized not all blacksmith windows were made so low. Some shops were in the shape of barns with … Continue reading Smithy Part 2