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Uncommon-Setting the Bar

What does Good Friday mean to you? Your kids have a day off from school? A shopping day to fill those kids' Easter baskets? Good Friday represents that day Jesus Christ, son of the Most High God, was crucified. If Jesus wanted to he could have called out any command and halted the pain and … Continue reading Uncommon-Setting the Bar

Research- King Joash- Given By the Lord

It's Thursday, the day when I'm supposed to talk about a research find. First, I'll tell you researching for Biblical fiction isn't easy. There are tons of varying theories on all sorts of things and whether we want to believe it or not there are some contradictory scriptures. Let's just look at these two scriptures. … Continue reading Research- King Joash- Given By the Lord

Character-Driven vs Plot-Driven for Romance Writers

Welcome to Writing Wednesday. Some of my favorite movies as a kid were the action adventure with a lot of romance. Indiana Jone, Romancing the Stone, The Goonies. When I first discovered how much I really love reading it was Catherine Coulter's Bride series. I read those books over fifteen years ago and they're still … Continue reading Character-Driven vs Plot-Driven for Romance Writers

My Ancestry-A New Sheriff in Town

That following blog post is reposted from a blog I wrote for Hearts Through History on October 22, 2011 I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but really wanted to do it justice as it speaks of a legacy of strong women during a time when it would have been too easy … Continue reading My Ancestry-A New Sheriff in Town

Discombobulated-Branding & Platform

It's come to my attention that I may need to start thinking about news letters. Well, if I'm to have a news letter I need to have a brand. I need to have a platform, and it should all be cohesive, which is the last thing I am. I'm organized chaos, for sure. Often chasing … Continue reading Discombobulated-Branding & Platform

Calling an Audible

As my friend and critique partner, Carol Moncado, calls it. That's what I did. Not sure it's the 'right' decision, but it's what I'm doing. As many of you know I'm participating in Seekerville's Speedbo. When I first sent in my goals for the month of March I had just submitted my second manuscript to … Continue reading Calling an Audible