My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes

I've often been curious about certain 'stories' passed down. Here's one that still remains a mystery. I'll be posting several articles of the next few weeks about this particular mystery and my thoughts. Today, however, I won't say much as this newspaper article from a November 1925 Benzie Banner says a lot. For those of … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes

Who Knew?

Please forgive me for not posting yesterday. Like y'all are waiting on pins and needles for me to post. 😉 After spending last weekend at a writers conference my days are a little off. Anyway, the conference was great. If you get a chance to hear Deborah Raney, her husband Ken Raney or Ramona Tucker … Continue reading Who Knew?

Uncommon-Making Dreams Come True

I'm bringing my Uncommon column to you a few days early and for good reason. One thing you'll come to learn about is that I used to be scared to death of tornadoes (still am a bit), but on the other hand I'm addicted to watching all things weather related during storm season. And yes, … Continue reading Uncommon-Making Dreams Come True

My Ancestry- The Sheriff’s Man

Last time I brought you the story of Estella Gates. I for one can't help but admire her tenacity. I mean she was a cut above the rest to stand out of the crowd and not only do a man's job, but do it very well. I always wondered what sort of man stood by … Continue reading My Ancestry- The Sheriff’s Man

Uncommon Miracle – Prayer Blitz

UNCOMMON MIRACLE - PRAYER BLITZ By Zoe M. McCarthy   During my morning devotions one day last May, I felt a sudden pressure from God to pray for my 17-year-old grandson. I received no specifics as to how I was to pray. Only to pray. So I stopped and petitioned God many times during the … Continue reading Uncommon Miracle – Prayer Blitz

Squee Worthy News!

It's a hectic week for me and I as I mentioned earlier in the week I wasn't going to post. However, I got some news I thought you all might like to hear. I SOLD!!!! Yes, I sold another book. The Warrior's Princess, book 2 in my Biblical series sold to Emily Rodmell at Love … Continue reading Squee Worthy News!

Blogging at CFHS

I'm at Christian Fiction Historical Society today talking about the 1923 Ford Model T. Come say hi!