My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part V)

As if things couldn't get bad enough for Great great grandma Gates, a local minister goes and makes things worse. Do I need to say more? My heart stopped when I read this. I could not believe a man of God would do such a thing without consideration for the grieving family. But oh, Grandma … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part V)

New Look, New Website

My debut book won't come out for almost another nine months. It seems so far away, yet time flies by so quickly. I've already filled out the information for my art facts sheet, which helps the artists work on my book cover. The thought of seeing my very first book cover is beyond exciting. I … Continue reading New Look, New Website

Confessions of A Contest Judge-Believability

I was supposed to talk about beginnings, and I will next Friday, but I just finished judging a few entries and I have something on my mind. I love judging. I love reading stories and I love the prospect of encouraging unpublished authors. There is an excitement when you delve into a fresh manuscript and … Continue reading Confessions of A Contest Judge-Believability

On Prologues

When is a good time to write a prologue? I really don't know how to answer that for you. Using a prologue in your story shouldn't be something taken lightly though. I know how it is, you sit at your computer and you write the story that comes to your mind, and it's good. Really, … Continue reading On Prologues

My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part IV)

These next four images are all part of the same article. They deal with the investigation, the testimonies as well as trying hard to dispel any rumors. After reading this particular article it only leaves me with more questions. The fire was so hot that it melted the glass like rain, and only portions of … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part IV)

Confessions of a Contest Judge-Prologues

I've been judging writing contests for several years. I've been entering them even longer. I thought you, the contest entrant, might like a bit of insight into judging, at least from my perspective. The first thing I'm going to tell you is don't be afraid to write to the contest. Plain and simple. If you … Continue reading Confessions of a Contest Judge-Prologues


I got word that my first five title choices for my first book with Love Inspired Historical were nixed. The task of coming up with the perfect title, the one just right is a bit daunting. So I called in some help. Fellow Love Inspired authors and God. While I was praying I felt lead … Continue reading Chosen