My Ancestry – Tragedy Strikes – My Thoughts

I find the entire situation strange. Obviously, Great, Great Grandpa Seth was involved in things he shouldn't have been, but was his death a tragic accident, or was he murdered? I guess we'll never know, but according to Grandma he was murdered during a card game for calling the mayor a cheater. And given the … Continue reading My Ancestry – Tragedy Strikes – My Thoughts

My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part V)

As if things couldn't get bad enough for Great great grandma Gates, a local minister goes and makes things worse. Do I need to say more? My heart stopped when I read this. I could not believe a man of God would do such a thing without consideration for the grieving family. But oh, Grandma … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part V)

My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part IV)

These next four images are all part of the same article. They deal with the investigation, the testimonies as well as trying hard to dispel any rumors. After reading this particular article it only leaves me with more questions. The fire was so hot that it melted the glass like rain, and only portions of … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part IV)

My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part III)

Here is a short article on the inquest, followed by another that shows the state police were involved in the investigation.   In this second article, notice the last line. Hmmmmmm, why did they have to start over? Sounds a little fishy but that could just be the fiction writer in me.

My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part II)

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've been here. Life has kind of gotten in the way, which is another blog for another day. For now, I'd like to continue where I left off with my previous post on my great great grandfather's story. The previous article was published by Benzie Banner. This next … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part II)

My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes

I've often been curious about certain 'stories' passed down. Here's one that still remains a mystery. I'll be posting several articles of the next few weeks about this particular mystery and my thoughts. Today, however, I won't say much as this newspaper article from a November 1925 Benzie Banner says a lot. For those of … Continue reading My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes

My Ancestry- The Sheriff’s Man

Last time I brought you the story of Estella Gates. I for one can't help but admire her tenacity. I mean she was a cut above the rest to stand out of the crowd and not only do a man's job, but do it very well. I always wondered what sort of man stood by … Continue reading My Ancestry- The Sheriff’s Man