Cover Reveal!!!

For an author there is nothing more exciting than… well, several things. Getting the call, signing a contract, receiving edits, reading reviews (sometimes), and of course seeing the art department bring your book to life.

I love every cover Love Inspired has created for my stories, and here is the latest, due out November 8, 2016!

What do you all think?

The Negotiated Marriage

The Negotiated Marriage ~ Back Cover Blurb

I’ve just finished up what I believe is my last round of edits for The Negotiated Marriage and I have to say that after writing it, and reading over it multiple times, and editing it several more, I’m not sick of this story.

I still love it. I love Camy and I love Duncan. And I love the secondary characters, too.

I have really enjoyed the writing process this time around. Not that I didn’t before, but for some reason this one was special.  It’s my first contracted Western/Frontier story, which I’m super excited about. It’s my first contracted story set in my beautiful home state, which is a funny thing since I had declared when I first started writing that I would never write a story set in Kansas.  It’s my first contracted story after a two year hiatus (sometimes life interrupts), which was frightening in itself, because there were those thoughts running through my head that maybe my first three books were just a fluke and maybe I can’t really do this again. Let me say, when God puts a call on your life and you’re obedient, He blesses it.

But, I think I’ve enjoyed the process more this round because I wasn’t as uptight and solely focused on my part and trying to get everything just right and worried I wouldn’t. There was no nail biting and wearing holes in the tile as I fretted over each step. This time I was able to release the story, trusting that if something didn’t quite work my wonderful editor would let me know and she’d give me suggestions on how to fix it. And it wasn’t just her but a team of editors. I don’t know how many people have combed over The Negotiated Marriage, I know of at least three, possibly four. Each editor has blessed me with their hard work to help create a book I’m proud to have my name on.

Thank you, LI Editors. You’re work is appreciated.

Are you ready for the blurb?

A Business Arrangement 

When the railroad pushes to buy her land, orphaned Cameron Sims will do anything to keep the only home she and her sisters have ever known. Even if she must marry a stranger. But she’s determined her agreement with the mysterious, dashing man—who’s unlike anything the Kansas railroad town has ever seen—will remain simply business.

Duncan Murray doesn’t want a wife. He wants Sims Creek, a sanctuary that can help him forget a troubled childhood. But his reluctant, and captivating, bride-to-be is key to making his dreams a reality. And despite their business arrangement, Camy and Duncan might be signing on the dotted line for true love…


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