What Now?

Now that LATP is out on submission, I don’t dare stop. What I mean by that is I must move on to the next story. My dilemma, which one?

I already have another story in the revision process which is taking me a little longer than I would like, but that is all right. I’m after a standard of excellence. Besides, I thought I could give myself a few days off. Okay, maybe more than a few days.

Anyway, I’ve written in the past how I’d like to have three projects in various writing stages. I’m not sure that is a realistic goal, but I’d like to try and work it with two. Since I’ll be polishing up my Biblical and sending out to my critique partners over the next few months, I thought I would work on something in the pioneer era, especially since I’ve been told by many people to never begin a second story in a possible series until you know if you can sell the first. I’m thinking I should shelve my ideas for book 2 and book 3 in The Heart of an Outlaw series. So, that leaves me with one of several ideas I’ve come up with surrounding a once bustling town about twenty miles northeast of Topeka.

Supposedly, one of the founders happened to be Wild Bill Cody’s father. Cody’s uncle owned a printing press and his aunt ran it. This all several years before the Civil War broke out, during a time known as ‘Bleeding Kansas’.

With immigrants looking for the American dream and with anti-slavery Bostonian and pro-slavery Missourians settlers all moving into grab up land in order to earn the right to vote, the era is filled with all kinds of conflict, which makes for an excellent plot.

I have one in mind that I’m itching to plot out on my index cards. And although I know it’s been done before I plan on using scriptures from Proverbs 31: 8-31with a bit of a twist. BUT, I have a story that I’ve already begun and I’d love to finish it. I just don’t know if the publishing world is ready for it as it is a bit out of the box when it comes to writing inspirationals.

On one hand I want to write something that might be sellable and on the other I want to finish what I’ve started. Above all I want to glorify God with my words and after many prayers I have no leading on which direction I should go. Do I step out and just write or do I wait?

What Would Dee Do?

I finished up a pretty darn good scene the other night. I love it. Every bit of it from beginning to end. But now I’m wondering what in the world my heroine is going to do next. I know who she is and I know how she’d act in most given situations but I need her to end up in a bad place. A place where the hero needs to ride in and rescue her, after of course he realizes that she needs rescuing. But she’s not one to allow herself to get into the kind of trouble I need her to get into so I have to up the anty a little, give her a reason to go quietly and not kickin’ and screamin’.

Are you with me? I thought so. *g*

So my gun toting heroine has to some how allow herself to get kidnapped, but why would she?

Because she doesn’t have her pistol? No. I don’t think that would stop her from putting up a fight.

Because she’s not paying attention? Possibly, especially since she’s discovering there is more to life than . . . well, whatever it is she’s been doing all this time before the hero rode in on a menacing iron horse.

But, I think there has to be more. So what if it’s because she doesn’t want to risk someone or several someones to end up at the mercies of the villain?

I think I know what Dee would do, but I think I’ll mull over it one more night.