Paid Critiques

Have you ever sent in your manuscript to an editor or published it only to find a missing word? Have you ever wanted to hire an editor only to realize it’s not in the budget?

Christina might be able to help. Although she is not a ‘professional’ editor, she will read your manuscript and make corrections where needed, as well as offer suggested changes.


Price Chart:

20,000 words – $25.00

50,000 words – $55.00

70,000 words – $75.00

For more information, you may contact Christina @ christinarichauthor at



After being published by traditional publishers in the past, I was used to having my work professionally edited for grammar, content, and proofread. When Indie publishing came along, it was a whole new ball game! I became the Queen of typos–no matter how many times I read and re-read my manuscript, and had to re-upload files, there was always another typo lurking around the corner. Then I’d make new typos correcting the old typos. It was a vicious circle.

Then along came Christina Rich. I was so relieved to find someone affordable, especially when there is no advance in small press publishing. When I got my edited manuscript back from Christina, it was everything I’d  hoped for and more. Not only did Christina find and fix my typos and weak verbs, she let me know where I needed to delete unnecessary words or paragraphs, where to add more information, and made some awesome suggestions. I can FINALLY get back to what I enjoy doing most—storytelling–and know I have the help I need to polish my story once I’m done writing it. Finding Christina has relieved me of a ton of stress and lets me enjoy writing again.

Renee Riva