LOVE IN THE Midst of Scandal

Although he was forced to leave town and his bride of a few days after the death of his father seven years before, Pinkerton Agent Ethan Wyatt jumps at the opportunity to go under cover and investigate the murders of some of T-Town’s elite with the hope of finding his father’s killer and clearing his wife’s name all before his true identity is discovered?

After the slanderous gossip surrounding her marriage and the death of her father-in-law, Sadie kept her daughter and her medical skills a secret in order to fall in line with the expectations of her father and the more prominent folks of T-Town, but when a villain falls prey to poison while in jail, Sadie rushes in to try and heal him so he can stand trial for his crimes and ends up kidnapped, along with her daughter.

Will Ethan be able to keep his identity a secret? Will he be able to keep he her and their safe from his own actions? Will he be able to keep his affections secret in the midst of danger? But the real question captivating his thoughts, will Sadie forgive him for abandoning her and allow them a second chance at love?

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